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Dr. Bhuvaneshwaran Completed his MBBS in Tirunelveli Medical College and MD (Psychiatry) in the prestigious Madras Medical College and research institute. Trained in the national Institute Of Mental Health and Neurosciences, Bangalore under VKN,NIMHANS ECHO programme. Areas of interest and expertise in psychotherapy, counselling, Cognitive therapy,CBT ,Deaddiction and neurotic disorders. Speaker in schools, colleges and various educational institute and other forums in the field of positive psychology,educationalpsychology,stress management, motivation.


Our Services

Stress Disorders

Counselling and behaviour therapy for Childrens learning problems, memory problems ,behavioural problems.

Sleep Disorders

Sleep problems, anger control , tension and stress management. Other psychiatric problems.

Smoking Disorders

Deaddiction services, to control and stop alcohol and to quit smoking very easily without tough measures.

Suicidal Disorders

Suicide prevention counselling for depressed and stressed out perssons.

Impulsivity Disorders

It's failure to resist a temptation, urge or impulse that may harm oneself or others.

Sexual Disorders

Sexual problems , problems with attachment and disinterst.

Learning Disorders

Counselling and behaviour therapy for Childrens learning problems, memory problems ,behavioural problems.

Amotivation Disorders

Anxiety, nervousness, neurosis, fear, stress and depression, cognitive therapy and relaxation techniques.

Our Rehabilitation Centre

Welcome to Wisdom Rehabilitation Centre

For residential care of mentally ill patients, short and long term, male, female and adolescents. Hygenic food, yoga, meditation, recreation sessions, counselling, medicines, indoor games and outdoor play for recovered patients. High quality care at affordable costs available. Both homes are approved by govt of tamilnadu, licenced by Institute of mental health, kilpauk.

Hygenic Foods

Hygenic Food is available at affordable cost.

Yoga & Meditation

Yoga and Meditation is conducted by Trained Professionals.

Expert Exercises

Expert Exercise and guidance is given by Trained Professionals


Play Therapy is given to all those who have recovered from their illness.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy helps the patient to get trained in their field of interest.

Recreation Club

Recreation club is a club which conducts recreation camps for the treated people to relax.

Quality Medicines

High Quality Medicines are prepared and provided at affordable cost.

Kind Treatment

Kind Care and Treatment is given to all patients without any discrimination.

Our De-Addiction Centre

Welcome to Velicham De-Addiction Centre

Velicham De-Addiction Centre is one of the best Rahab for even the worst Addiction conditions. We have several years of experience and have delivered a lot of addicts from various addictions. We have a very good rehab centre with a lot of features. While treating we not only treat them medically, we also treat them psycologically, so that the addict will not only recover from addiction but will never repeat the same. We have a lot of treatments as listed below.

Drug Addiction Tests

Addiction medical tests are the which is done to confirm the addiction and its type. We have fully eqipped medical centre.

Detoxification Medical Treatment

Detoxification Medical Treatment is the treatment, which is given to Detox the whole body. This cleans the whole body.

All Drugs Deaddiction Treatment

All Drugs Deaddiction Treatment is the treatment given to the addict, so as to treat any type of addiction he is into.

Withdrawal Symptoms Treatment

Withdrawal Symptoms is a treatment which is used to locate the Drug Prone Side-Effects and the Disease Caused by it.

A.A. Pyscological Counselling

A.A. Pyscological Counselling is a psycological meeting which is conducted for the addict to treat him/her psycologically.

Brain Masters

Are you a parent of a child from 5 to 18 years of age?

We have a wonderful program to develop the skills of your children! Yeah, we have "Concentration Skill Development Program" for your children to develop the below skills.

Through this program, your children will easily improve their physical and brain skills. we have different Programs/Therapies tailored in such a way to suit each child accordingly. We also have Language Therapy for your child to get developed in their Listening & Speaking Skills and Face the World wilth Confidence.

We do have Brain and Tongue coordination excercise, to make your child the best.

Better Academic Results

Brain Masters will help your children to develop their academic results, which in turn will lead to good Academic Results.

Expands Memory Power

This Therapy will help your children to expand their memory power, thereby help them to store and retrieve more information.

Develops Concentration Level

This Therapy will help your children to concentrate well on everything they keep their focus on and helps them achieve their target.

Improves Handwriting Skills

This Therapy will help them to improve their handwriting skills, which inturn will help them to score good marks in their exams.

Improves Logical Thinking

This Therapy will help them improve their Logical Thinking, which is very necessary for any point of their life.

Enhanced Creativity Level

This Therapy will help them to improve their creativity, thus giving a cutting edge in their Creative abilities.

Develops Sensory Skills

Our Therapy will help your children to develop their sensory skills like smell, touch, vision, hearing, and balance.

Reduces Screening Time

Our Therapy will help your children to reduce their screening time (Mobile/TV watching time) and increases Physical Activity.

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To book prior appointment an Online and get time slot, doctor consults / counsels via video chat/Skype. Skype ID bhuvantvmc.

Prescription will be issued via e mail if required and medicines will be sent via courier if requested. Payment to be done via net banking to bank account which will be acknowledged immediately. Online consultation, counseling and treatment is done as a part of extending tele medicine facilities in the field of psychiatry and mental health. Telemedicine and online consultations will be very much helpful for clients who are in far off places / find difficult to get leave for medical consultation from their busy work schedule and for those who want to be in the comfort of home during counseling and getting further treatment without waiting in doctors clinic An emergency online chat Id will be provided so that clients can contact the doctor in case of medical / psychological emergencies during the course of treatment /therapy.

In Clinic

Clients can consult doctor directly in clinic in tirunelveli. Clinic timings Monday to Saturday: 2 pm to 10 pm Sunday by special appointment. Clients can fix prior appointment over phone in phone numbers +91 7708647858,91 9962605056.

So that adequate time slot as per their convenience can be allotted for counseling and treatment. In case of urgency they can come directly to clinic and priority will be given for emergency consultations.

Clinic Address

Near Ganesh Stores & ANNAPOORNA Hotel
Palaymkottai-Market, Tirunelveli.
Phone : +91 7708647858,91 9962605056

M/s Neera, MSC, PGDGC, Phd (Child Psycology)
Child & Adolescent Psycologist,
Tirunelveli Medical College Hospital,
Phone : +91 7708647858,91 9962605056

Out reach clinics in fixed days will be in Kovilpatti, Sankarankovil. Prior Appointments desirably to be fixed for consultations in the below towns.


Siva clinic
Chidambaram medicals,Mathankovil road,Kovilpatti. Consulting Time:
Friday - Saturday, Afternoon 2-4 PM Weekly,
Daily Morning 10 AM - 1 PM,
Counselling & Assessment by Psycologist,
Phone: +91 7708647858,91 9962605056


Sivalingam Medicals and Clinic,
Sunday Mornings Fort Nightly.
Phone: +91 7708647858,91 9962605056

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+91 7708647858,91 9962605056

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Mon-Fri: 6.00 PM - 9.00 PM
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